Slices & Peels Like a Hot Knife
Through Butter!

Great For All This Prepping & More:

  • Ultimate Irish Peeler™ peeling potato

    Peeling Potatoes

    Ultimate Irish Peeler™ peeling squash

    Peeling Squash

    Ultimate Irish Peeler™ peeling tomato

    Peeling Tomatoes

  • Ultimate Irish Peeler™ slicing carrot

    Slicing Carrots

    Ultimate Irish Peeler™ slicing cheese

    Slicing Cheese

    Ultimate Irish Peeler™ shredding cabbage tomato

    Shredding Cabbage

  • Ultimate Irish Peeler™ julienning veggies

    Julienning Veggies

    Ultimate Irish Peeler™ grating ginger & garlic

    Grating Ginger & Garlic

    Ultimate Irish Peeler™ shaving chocolate

    Shaving Chocolate

Introducing Ultimate Irish Peeler™

Regular peelers slip, slide and get stuck. Ultimate Irish Peeler™ grips in, won't slip and cuts like a hot knife through butter. Even better, it has a serrated blade, a julienne blade AND a grater on the back. The peeler makes short work of vegetables with even the toughest skin. It will even peel an onion before you can shed a tear. The julienne blade turns cabbage and carrots into coleslaw in seconds. And with the grater, you'll never hurt your fingers or your nails again. For garlic, it's the best! Grate ginger for ginger tea or carrots for baby food. Order today, and we'll include the Ultimate Irish Potato Spiral absolutely free! You dig it into a potato, turn it around and then open it up into a spiral that comes out crispy, roasted like a chip. It's the perfect side dish for your roasted chicken or leg of lamb.

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  • Ultimate Irish Peeler™ serrated blade
  • Ultimate Irish Peeler™ julienne blade
  • Ultimate Irish Peeler™ grater
Shredded vegetables in a bowl


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